Infrared Sauna After Workout - Benefits of Sauna Following Exercise

Using an infrared sauna after a workout or in addition to a normal exercise regimen may improve your physical fitness results dramatically! If you are a gym member, you've undoubtedly seen a sauna near the locker area. Or perhaps you've noticed posts lately on social media about individual infrared sauna pod therapy. Turning your gym visit into a spa day is more than just a luxury option; there are several health advantages to utilizing a sauna after a workout.

An infrared sauna may assist with muscle discomfort, weariness, and performance declines, among other things. If nothing else, it will let your arduous excursion to the gym finish on a soothing note, leaving you refreshed and ready to face the remainder of the day!

Benefits of Using Infrared Sauna after Workout

Sweating even more after a workout may not seem appetizing, but the rewards are well worth it. Here are 4 significant benefits why you should start utilizing an infrared sauna after your next exercise.

1. Lose Weight Even After Working Out!

It's no mystery that the majority of us do work out to shed or maintain our weight. While exercising your body is the most efficient method to burn calories, resting in a sauna increases metabolism by boosting your heart rate and cardiac output. So you can essentially "exercise" without really doing so!

Although your training program should not consist of only relying on infrared sauna for weight loss – after all, exercise is essential for maintaining optimal cardiac, pulmonary, brain, and bone health – the metabolic advantages of a workout are amplified during an infrared sauna session, which promotes weight reduction.

2. Post-Workout Detox

Although exercising detoxifies the body, we often absorb pollutants from our surroundings; for example, fitness centers with inadequate ventilation might affect the number of toxins in consumers.

This is where infrared sauna treatment may play a significant role in your fitness regimen. After a workout, using a sauna helps you relax and meditate while also benefiting from a purifying cleanse. Infrared radiation immediately heats the body and boosts core body temperature, resulting in sweat that flushes out hazardous pollutants collected in the environment during exercise. To further detox the skin, particularly your face, add a weekly spa facial treatment at your local day spa.

3. Muscle Recovery Procedure

After working out, you're sure to feel soreness in the muscles you exercised. During exercise, your muscles get pushed harder than they are used to, causing small tears to occur. These tears produce inflammation, leading to muscular discomfort, stiffness, cramping, and sensitivity. Your body subsequently repairs these tears to strengthen your muscles. Using a sauna promotes a speedy recovery by boosting blood circulation and transporting oxygen-rich blood to the oxygen-depleted muscle. Heat also causes muscles to relax more quickly, alleviating muscular tension. For these reasons some health professionals also recommend infrared sauna after surgery and various types of injuries. As mentioned, oxygen-rich blood plays a key role in healing.

4. Improved Performance and Endurance

Infrared saunas get used by many athletes to increase their performance and endurance. Some experts even believe it may help boost strength and power. In terms of endurance, a research study found improvement in strength and recovery in athletes while utilizing sauna post-workout. Researchers hypothesized that this was due to increased blood volume caused by the sauna.

The Bottom Line About Sauna After Workouts

After an exercise session, infrared saunas provide several advantages. Why not include it as a calming go-to after your workout? Relax by taking things slow, meditating, or listening to music. With so many advantages, what's preventing you from taking an infrared sauna session?

If it's feasible for you, plan for infrared sauna 4-7 times a week for best results. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.