Sauna, Therabody, Halotherapy.

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One Traditional Infrared Sauna
One Infrared Sauna Pod
One Halotherapy
One Therabody


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30 Minutes Traditional Infrared Sauna

Unlike the personal pod sauna listed above, our traditional two-person infrared sauna units fit two people in a sit-down position instead of laying. With all the same benefits as the pod, this is more of a traditional sauna.

30 Minutes Infrared Sauna Pod

Our infrared sauna pod provides a laundry list of wellness benefits, most notably whole body detoxification at the cellular level. Infrared saunas also offer total relaxation, muscle soreness recovery, weight loss and a reduction in inflammation.

40 Minutes Salt Therapy

Halotherapy is making a lot of noise on social media right now but salt therapy has actually been around for thousands of years. The salt therapy chamber looks similar to the infrared sauna cabin, but serves a different purpose. Both services may provide relaxation but Halotherapy aims to improve skin health and relax and rejuvenate the lungs. Many clients report relief from respiratory conditions during and after continuous salt therapy sessions.

20 Minutes Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy is quickly becoming a go-to treatment in the health and biohacking space and Therabody is the leader in the field. It was first utilized by professional athletes and is now available for the general public. A reduction in inflammation is just the start of what you'll experience with Therabody Compression Therapy. This therapy also promotes lymphatic drainage.

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