Infrared Sauna After Botox - Timing, Dangers & Sensible Precautions

Whether you keep up with the latest health trends or not, it's difficult to ignore the surge in infrared sauna pods for so many health benefits. There is no doubt that an infrared sauna pod provides a slew of fantastic health advantages. And, like with many other aspects of health and fitness, the promising features of infrared saunas extend into the realm of beauty.

People who are thinking of getting botox injections and are regular users of infrared sauna are confused about whether they can continue using the infrared sauna after botox. This article will provide a complete guideline on utilizing an infrared sauna after botox and whether there are any side effects associated with it.

Botox and Complications

Botox is an injectable cosmetic drug that paralyzes your muscles for a certain period of time. It mainly uses onabotulinumtoxin A —a neurotoxin produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. Botulism poisoning— caused by the higher concentration of toxin— is a complex form of muscle paralysis which is associated with contaminated food. 

Diluted Botox injections are considered safe, which stops muscles from contracting. This, in turn, helps in wrinkles softening and relaxing. But botox requires special aftercare to get optimal outcomes. Let's figure out necessary aftercare steps especially analyzing infrared sauna after botox.  

Botox Aftercare and Infrared Sauna

Botox aftercare is mandatory to minimize the risk of bruising and stoping toxins from spreading to unintended areas. Any extreme exercises or exposure to extreme heat can compromise botox results. 

Avoid Exercise Immediately After Botox

While your normal routine might include infrared sauna after workouts, you should actually avoid both exercise and sauna immediately after botox. Light and gentle facial exercises can be adopted as per the doctor's instructions, but going into any strenuous physical activity will increase your blood flow. This spreads the toxin to irrelevant areas affecting desired outcomes at the injection site. It's usually recommended to take a one-day break from any physical activity prior to infrared sauna after botox. Your doctor might suggest prolonged bed rest depending upon your situation. 

Avoid Saunas for 48 Hours Following Botox

Exposure to excessive heat can promote flushing, thus increasing your blood pressure. Even it's recommended to stay away from direct sunlight for the first couple of hours after botox. In the same manner, infrared sauna after botox should be avoided. 

Infrared Sauna After Botox - Timing, Dangers & Sensible Precautions

An infrared sauna has countless benefits as it removes toxins and purifies your body. But infrared light injects excessive heat into one's body, thus resulting in severe sweating and a temperature rise. If you want to enjoy the long-lasting effects of botox, then immediate 48 hours are crucial for aftercare, where you should avoid hot weather, sunbeds, drinking alcohol, and taking a sauna.  

The Bottom Line

An infrared sauna is even more beneficial to a regular sauna, especially for people who can't tolerate the excessive heat of the conventional sauna. Multiple studies have suggested infrared sauna as the treatment of various chronic health issues such as dementia, increased blood pressure, congestive heart failure, headache, type 2 diabetes, and numerous others. 

Infrared sauna after botox should be avoided for up to 48 hours or according to your doctor's instructions. But as the prescribed period ends, make sure to purify your body from harmful toxins with an infrared sauna. If you have any questionss in mind or want to book an appointment for your next infrared sauna session