Eyebrow Tinting Styles, Methods and Brow Treatment Costs

If you've landed here you're probably wondering what is eyebrow tinting and what's the average cost can you expect to pay. Or, maybe you're switching from another eyebrow treatment and just want to learn more.

As the hippest styles change people tend to ask Day Spa staff, like us, plenty of brow tinting questions. This article, as well as our eyebrow tinting FAQ should help you decide what treatment is best for you in 2023.

The Evolution of Brow Tinting

There's no doubt eyebrow tinting has been around for as long as there's been hair. Throughout the history of self-beautification, dyeing and tinting hair color has been a popular practice.  In 1907, Eugene Schueller, a French chemist formulated the first commercial hair coloring dye. The chemist named his creation Aureole, which became the first mass-produced hair dye. Over the years trends change and eyebrow tinting and styling is no exception to the rule. Currently, the style tends to lean toward "bigger is better" but with sharp lines and deep coloring. In addition to eyebrow tinting, there are a few widely utilized brow shaping and coloring methods. These include microblading, sugaring and semi-permanent tattooing with dye or henna brow tint.

Although eyebrow manipulation and shaping is often thought of as a spa service for women, a surprising number of men also utilize brow styling as a means to improve their appearance. According to a Groupon poll noted in Business Wire women spend an average of $313 per month on their beauty and appearance. Men spend on average $244 per month and more than 1/4 of all appearance investments are on their face.

Brow tinting is the most popular approach to eyebrow styling in 2022. A few reasons brow tinting by estheticians and cosmetologists is the top choice for most people wanting to maintain a beautiful and stylized look are the following:

Reasons Tinting is Most Popular Eyebrow Styling

Eyebrow tinting is low maintenance: No need to fill-in your eyebrows with makeup to attain a fuller look.

Brow tint is long lasting: The brow tinting applications like henna brows or tinting can last weeks or even months, depending on the applied dyes and procedure.

Eyebrow tints can be very natural looking: When done by a professional, can look convincingly natural.

Can create a youthful change: By covering greys, brow tinting can turn back the clock.

Tinting process is pain-free: Unlike some other methods, eyebrow tinting is non-invasive and does not cause any pain or healing time.

Eyebrow coloring won't smudge: semi-permanent inks and dyes can hold their color up to 6 weeks.


Salons, spas and brow bars are seeing yet another surge in bookings of eyebrow tinting services in recent years the U.S. Regular eyebrow shaping, an integral part of an important self care routine can make a huge difference in the color, shaping, as well as volume of brows. Nonetheless, a bad brow color from an at-home eyebrow tinting kit is difficult to conceal. When it comes to brow tinting, it's best to go to your appointment with a clear idea of the shape you're wanting to achieve. At Ambiance Day Spa in Long Beach CA we encourage clients to pull up a photo on their phone of the look they want to achieve with brows tinting.

What is Brow Tinting Exactly?

While eyebrow tinting as well as microblading may give you a comparable look, the two processes are not the same at all (and should NOT be combined). During microblading there's a numbing process. Then the technician proceeds to make minute cuts with a specific eyebrow pencil tool to outline the new shape. After the area is numb and ready the specialist will use the microblading tool to make cuts replicating hairs. This can create a more filled-in effect. As you can see, microblading is a very intense (and sometimes painful) process, unlike traditional eyebrow tinting.

At Ambiance Skin Care & Day Spa in Long Beach CA we use a custom-blended, vegetable-based organic dye applied in a step by step series. We start at the inner edges of the eyebrows where hairs have a tendency to be lighter and also finer, and the weakest areas in between. After a full application it's best to do a second and even a third application for the lightest and finest parts of the eyebrows. This meticulous process ensures professional results.

How Much Does Brow Tinting Cost?

Like tinting or dyeing the hair on your head, eyebrow tinting is an art that's best left in the hands of professionals like Ambiance Skin Care brow tinting services in Long Beach CA. By going to a professional esthetician you'll receive customized mixes and strict attention to color and application.

Most brow bars and salons charge anywhere from $25 up to as much as $150 in a few of the most booshy establishments in the US. Most people aren't going to Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles to get our brows done so you can likely expect to pay under $50 at your local salon or day spa.


TIP: How to Make Brow Tinting Last Longer

1) Get them done professionally, at a spa, salon or brow bar
2) Pick a darker color shade of tint or dye
3) Avoid washing your face (specifically your brows) for the first 36 hours after leaving the salon
4) Keep direct sunlight exposure to an absolute minimum, or wear super strong sunblock on your brows


Often times brow tinting customers have found their way to a professional eyebrow tinting specialist only after a failed attempt with a low-cost brow tinting kit at home. Tinting brows and lashes is an art form, not easily perfected in a do-it-yourself setting at home. For the most beautiful outcome your best bet is to spend a few extra bucks at a professional salon or day spa in your local area.

Brow Tinting VS Microblading Comparison

  Brow Tinting Microblading
Appearance darker, fuller filled-in, reshaped
Process 15 to 30 mins 1 hour +
Pain / Discomfort None Mild to moderate
After Care None 4 weeks avg healing
Lasting Effect Semi-permanent ink Semi-permanent tattoo
Cost $25 to $65 $250 to $2000


Eyebrow tinting darkens the hairs and also helps enhance the overall shape of the brows, meaning you won't need to constantly fill-in your eyebrows with makeup. Brow tint can help you maintain a fuller look with no maintenance. When done professionally brow coloring gives a convincingly natural and beautiful look. It's short-term and doesn't come with the dangers of other procedures. Plus gray hairs and lighter hairs are no match for brow tint. Eyebrow coloring and tinting is a safe and reliable solution for jaw dropping brows.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo procedure. By making tiny hair shaped lines the technician aims to replicate the look of brow hairs. A preparation process is done at the start of the sessions. This helps the specialist and the customer to determine the shape before the tattoo process starts. Microblading can take up to 2 hours and takes about 30 days to full heal. Proper care and upkeep is essential with microblading. Between microblading vs eyebrow tinting it's clear brow tint and dying is less involved, less expensive, less painful, and requires more after-care. Although microblading is actual permanent tattoo ink it will fade away over time.

The microblading fading happens because the ink is applied to the dermal epidermal junction which means it is not deep enough to stay in the skin permanently. The time it takes for the tattoo ink to work its way out of the skin will vary from one person to another.

Ultimately each person will have to determine which process suits them best. With neither treatment being completely permanent it might make sense to try both at some point. Both brow treatments are very popular and results may vary from one person to another.

Legal Status of Brow Tinting in California


Eyebrow Tinting Legal Status in California

Eyebrow tinting procedures and treatments are currently legal in California. Senate Bill 803, updated in October of 2021 covers lash and brow tinting under practices of Cosmetology.

Questions surrounding "Is eyebrow tinting illegal in California?" have been circulating within the beauty industry for years. For some time, it was only legal to do henna brow tint. Then the rules changed and tints and dyes had to meet very strict requirements. Essentially no poisonous chemicals could be used in the process. This makes perfect sense because toxic dyes can be harmful to the eyes.

As you've learned here brow tinting is a safe treatment, particularly when vegetable based dyes are used. It's no surprise eyebrow dying and shaping is always gaining popularity. Let's hope pencil thin brows don't make a comeback any time soon.