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Eyebrow Tinting FAQ - Brow Tint Questions

In 2023, eyebrow tinting is as popular as ever. As you can imagine, as specialists in eyebrow tinting in Long Beach California we've heard just about every question on the subject. Most stylists don't offer an eyebrow tinting FAQ section of their website. We're different, hence you've landed on our brow tint FAQ page.

Our goal with this Q&A is to answer the most common questions regarding brow tinting and coloring. The latest trends lean towards bigger brows, well shaped and dyed or tinted. In many cases a stylist will suggest a darker brow color than your head hair. This creates a dramatic and often stunning contrast in colors.

Brow tinting is a especially ideal for those who have fine brow hair or have previously over-plucked them to the point that the hairs are sparse to the naked eye. Tinting works to add volume and shape to sparse and uneven eyebrows. Tinting is more popular and readily available than all other eyebrow treatments combined.


What is an Eyebrow Tinting Procedure?

Let's break down the brow tinting procedure before we tackle the most common questions.

Info about the actual step-by-step procedure is the top question on brow tinting FAQ pages. On the surface, brow tinting seems fairly simple. The procedure is simply applying dyes or hair color to a persons natural eyebrows, that's the basic idea. But, it can become far more tedious and a bit more time consuming when done by a Cosmetologist or Stylist. This is because a true professional will take the time to custom-blend dyes and apply the tint with exacting skills.

In most cases the color of your eyebrows should be lighter than the color of your hair. Ultimately though, it's up to you and your personal preferences. In most cases eyebrow waxing required before tinting. When the brows are fully waxed vaseline or sticker guards are applied before tinting. The petroleum product or stickers serve as a protective measure in case the dye solution gets dripped or spilled. Most dyes used at a professional establishment are non-toxic but it's always a good idea to ask before the dye is applied. A spoolie applicator brush if often used, along with a semi-permanent dye.

The tint will be blended based on the customer's preferences and desired look. Blending just the right color for your desired look is our highest priority. In some cases a longer setting phase is required to allow the dye to be fully absorbed by the brows. professional will then evenly apply the tint and focus on covering the thinner, lighter hairs which aren't always easy to see, until they darken them of course.

Brow tinting alleviates customers of needing to complete their eyebrows daily with powders, lotions, pencils and tinted brow gel. Cosmetologists often do two rounds of tint, several minutes apart. This allows them to gradually darken your brows without over doing it. The precise timing is to be determined by the esthetician. As you'd imagine, shorter "leave in times" creates lighter eyebrows and a longer time creates a more intense, dramatic and darker outcome.


What Are Some Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting?

A benefits list is Clients whose natural eyebrow coloring is extremely light and sparse will certainly benefit from an eyebrow darkening. Likewise, those who are getting tired of applying makeup to their brows daily will love eyebrow tinting. Tinting provides a natural looking, defined eyebrow. It's a terrific choice for those people with hectic lives where there's never enough time in the day (isn't that all of us?!) and don't have time to retouch their make-up frequently. If you're super active and perform lots of sports activities, this is a wonderful alternative that is durable and little to no daily maintenance. If you've tried eyebrow tinting at home you probably already know the difference a salon or spa quality treatment can make. Unfortunately, brow tint kits just don't produce a high quality result for most people. With a limited selection of colors, tinting kits just can match up to custom color mixing done at a spa or hair stylist.

How Much Does Eyebrow Tinting Cost?

Eyebrow Tinting Cost

While costs can vary from city to city we offer brow tinting at our Long Beach Day Spa for $30 in most cases. We can usually have you tinted and looking amazing in about 15 to 20 minutes. Sure, some skin care day spa establishments do charge more. Often times they'll say it's because they use only the best tints and dyes. Well.. So do we. Read on to learn more about tinting formulas.

What Type of Brow Tint or Dye is Best?

High-end beauty shops like ours use brow tinting and eyebrow coloring formula made of a non-irritating vegetable based formula that minimizes the risk of any type of reactions on the sensitive eye area. Some stylists also utilize henna eyebrow tint when it's the best treatment option for some clients. Henna brow tint can last up to 6 weeks or more.

How Long Does Tinting Eyebrows Take?

The wax and tint takes around 15 minutes. The brows are first cleaned up and also any type of excess make-up or oil is thoroughly removed. After that, the skin around the eye is safeguarded making use of either vaseline or protective sticker guards. Next we start applying the dye and let it rest for a minimum of 2 minutes to set in. Then we wash off the first application and prepare for a second round, if needed.

How Long Does Brow Tinting Last?

The first or second question on eyebrow tinting faq lists is "How long will my eyebrow tint last?" There's not an exact number of days, weeks or months here but for most people the dye will maintain it's striking appearance for up to about 6 weeks. Results on how long does brow tinting last can depend on a few factors. From person to person tint can begin to fade at different rates.This will certainly differ depending on your activity level, make-up habits, and the skin care products you use on your face daily.

If you're a super active person or an athlete training daily you might be ready for your next eyebrow tint within 4 weeks or so. However, if you don't do intense cardio or swim on a regular basis your eyebrows tinting will last much longer.

Is Lash and Brow Tinting Safe?

Safety issues are covered on eyebrow tinting FAQ sections of stylist's websites. The common question "Is eyebrow tinting safe?" is documented by each spa facility and their safety measures. Most stylists stick have a healthy protocol. The insist on using the safest materials and dyes available.

High quality vegetable-based dyes are the best option in most applications. If you have allergies your stylist should perform a very small test area at the start of your treatment. Henna brow tint is the better solution for many customers. The majority of tints used in the US do not contain bleach or other harsh, dangerous chemicals. Chemical-based formulas are actually legal in some states.

Is Eyebrow/Eyelash Tinting Legal in California?

The legality of eyebrow tinting in California is a common question. We don't stay totally up to date laws other than California so be sure to check your local laws if you're unsure.

As for California, of October 7, 2021 the question "Is eyebrow tinting legal in California" is clearly answered in Senate Bill No. 803.

As a legal procedure of Cosmetology in California -
"Tinting and perming of the eyelashes and brows, or applying eyelashes to any person"
This bill clearly states the legality of eyebrow and eyelash tinting. See the complete Senate Bill on Barbering and Cosmetology.

What is Eyebrow Coloring Aftercare?

After dying brows it is best to keep your eyebrows entirely dry for the first 12 to 24 hours. To ensure the longest lasting results possible we recommend you avoid any kind of excessive rubbing, scrubbing and exfoliation on and around your eyebrows.
An always hot topic covered in eyebrow tinting faq is after-care products.
After brow tinting opt for high quality skin care products to groom your eyebrows. This helps maintain their color for as long as possible. Ask you stylist for recommendations on tinted brow gel to keep you looking your best. Brow gels work well if you have thicker, coarser brows with hair that often tends to not cooperate and lay flat. Brush the gel from low to high to keep your brow hairs in place and looking fuller.
We hope you'll book your next eyebrow tinting appointment with us at Ambiance Skin Care sometime soon! If you still have questions feel free to contact us for more information.