Dr. Dennis Gross

Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine™ Hydrating Modeling Mask


A two-step, gel + powder transformative mask that delivers intense hydration to your skin. This professional modeling mask is a cooling and deeply hydrating treatment that gives you immediate radiance after just one use.

Think dewy, radiant skin in as quickly as 5 minutes. Dry, dehydrated, aging skin is plumped to show off your gorgeous, inner glow. Powered by marine algae and hyaluronic acid, this hydrating mask molds to your skin, morphing from a soft gel to a rubbery cushion texture. As the mask transforms, the alginate gel locks in water and drives the essential moisturizing benefits directly into skin. Simply lift it off and see the difference.

Package contains 4 masks.


About Dennis Gross products: 

Creator of award winning Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, Dennis Gross, M.D, is a board certified dermatologist who has been in practice for 25 years. Inspired by the skincare concerns of his patients at his NYC practice, Dr. Dennis Gross personally formulates cruelty-free, clean skincare products using the best of science & nature to deliver clinically proven results - treating fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, acne and dry skin. 


Algin is medical-grade marine algae containing the highest content of gluronic acid.

Sodium Hyaluronate is a humectant that holds 1000x its weight in water and hydrates and plumps skin.

Magnesium is a natural mineral that is essential for overall health of the skin and body.

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