Hydradermabrasion is skincare's newest and most popular facial treatment and is now available at Ambiance Skin Care.

This technology uses a precise combination of oxygen and water to achieve outstanding results with no downtime after your facial.








Hydradermabrasion can provide these benefits:

  • Healthier skin almost instantly
  • Fine lines reduced
  • Clearing of dead skin cells
  • Skin tone and texture improvements within minutes
  • Rosacea and acne reduction and even elimination in some cases
  • Quick recovery, zero downtime after treatment
  • Easy after-care procedure


NOTE: This facial treatment is sometimes called Hydrofacial and also Hydrafacial which can make things a bit confusing when searching for hydradermabrasion in Long Beach CA.

The recent innovation and boom in popularity of Hydradermabrasion makes it a Must-Do Facial for anyone seeking extreme hydration and exfoliation with no downtime after your facial treatment.


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