By utilizing Sub-Zero Temperatures our Cryo-Facial can give your face a glassy smooth appearance in around 60 to 90 minutes. Our Cryofacial uses liquid nitrogen to promote tightening of your skin.

60 Minute Cryo Facial
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90 Minute Cryo Facial
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Here at Ambiance Skin Care & Day Spa we're providing the most cutting edge advanced hydrofacial and cryofacial process.




Sub-Zero Temperatures make the cryofacial treatment a unique facial treatment. Cryo-Facial generally takes about one to two hours.  The specialized Cryofacial process utilizes cutting edge technology by using liquid nitrogen to promote tight, youthful skin. I'm bringing you the following info because cryofacial is quickly becoming my own favorite spa facial treatment to do.

Breathe new life into saggy skin by actually renewing elasticity with cryofacial treatment. Plenty of facial treatments make bold claims of tightening the skin or reducing wrinkles but most fall short as they only deliver short-term results. If you're local to Los Angeles County, my top spa recommendation for cryo-facial is Ambiance Day Spa in Long Beach California.

Cryofacial process offers more lasting effects by addressing wrinkles, folds and dark circles. The cryofacial treatment process is one of the latest and most recommended facial three step process.

3 Step CryoFacial Treatment

1. Fluid Hydro-Dermabrasion

Provides improved exfoliation and extractions when combined with special serums

2. Pure Oxygen Infusion

Provides deeper penetration of special serums, to deeply clean pores

3. Cryo-Therapy Skin Toning Technology

Ice cold 'Cryo Wand' improves skin toning and boosts collagen production up to 20X

Benefits of Cryo-Facial Treatment:

Scheduling your Cryo Facial Long Beach California appointment is super simple. You reservation will be made and confirmed with your esthetician at our Long Beach Day Spa.

Considerations for Combining Spa Treatments:

At the time of scheduling your cryofacial treatment you can select additional services. Here at Ambiance Skin Care we encourage you to make the most of every spa day by combining spa services.

Can You Combine Cryo Facial with Microdermabrasion

Putting microdermabrasion with cryofacial treatment in the same spa visit is generally a great idea and can enhance your overall results.

Can You Combine Cryofacial with Infrared Sauna

By combining infrared sauna with cryofacial you'll truly maximize your results by combining hot and cold treatments in the same visit. Mixing infrared sauna with cryofacial helps your body detoxify and clean spin pores, while also tightening the skin. Sauna sessions can be booked separately as well.

Can You Combine Cryo Facial with Lymphatic Drainage Compression Suit

Combining a lymphatic drainage compression suit session with your cryo-facial treatment is a great idea. Lymphatic drainage produces detoxification effects throughout the entire body.