Tips for a Stress Free Holiday

Ah, the holidays. It's the best of times, and it's the worst of times. Of course, we enjoy spending time with our family and friends, but we could all do without the added stress that comes with along with the holidays. 

With that in mind, we have created a list of tips to help get you through the season with little or no stress.

  • Get some sleep. A good night's sleep (anything between 7-9 hours of deep sleep), has amazing restorative powers and will provide you with the resiliency that you may      need to get to 2017 with your nerves intact.
  • Eat well. With all of the home baked goodies at work and at home, it may be challenging to remember to eat your veggies. Chronic ingestion of chocolate, cookies and fruit cake may seem lovely in the moment, but can lead to fatigue, gastrointestinal challenges and even depression. It may be necessary to plan a few meals during the day that include as many servings of veggies as possible. Try to prepare a platter of veggies with dip to munch on throughout the day instead of chips. By keeping up your    healthy eating regime, it will be easier to sustain your energy levels throughout this festive season.
  • Exercise. Keep moving. Go for a walk. When our social lives get busy, one of the first casualties is exercise. Let's face it, it is hard to maintain your workout commitment and  attend all of the school pageants, house parties, and office events you're invited to. While it may do our bodies some good to take a break from our fitness routine, we can still reap the rewards of physical activity by going for a walk. 
  • Hydrate. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated. Our lives are more hectic this time of year and it is really easy to forget to drink those 8 glasses of water a day. Neglecting to drink water throughout the day can lead to dehydration, headaches and even over-eating. And while it's fine, and even expected, for you to indulge in a few glasses of bubbly or other adult beverages, nothing is better for you than water!

After all, the holidays should be a time of fun and merriment, not misery. Enjoy this festive time of the year and just remember: everything in moderation, rest and hydrate.