Infrared Sauna on Social Media - Why Are Sauna Pods Going Viral?

If you spend any time at all on social media, you've definitely been bombarded with infrared sauna on social media, with thousands of posts on Instagram and all the usual channels. Influencers and everyday people seem to think sauna pods with infrared technology hold they key to a better life, noting they don't know how they lived without it.

Are they overestimating the benefits or is it true...

"Infrared sauna is an absolute game changer for your health"

as one Influencer stated in a post last week.


Infrared Saunas Going Viral

Full disclosure- we're a partial party in this discussion as sauna pod providers at Ambiance Day Spa in Long Beach California, providing infrared sauna among a robust spa services menu to meet all your day spa needs. The sauna has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, confirming people definitely do find the sauna pod benefits to be helpful, especially when combined with microdermabrasion treatment and other spa services.

As a matter of fact many of our sauna clients were originally Long Beach facial customers and became interested in the sauna for detox and stress relief. But all biases aside we can definitely say infrared sauna is worth the hype! The sauna pods benefits are evident in studies as well as customer testimonials and Long Beach infrared sauna reviews.

Here at Ambiance Day Spa we've definitely thrown our hat in the game with our Instagram and Facebook pages. Check us out on Instagram @ambiance_spa to see what we're up to lately! And while we're not expecting to "blow up" on social we do want to spread the word about our sauna pods. We're in the process of adding additional pods in early to mid 2022.


Infrared Sauna on Social Media

In the case of influencers going crazy over infrared sauna pods we do have to look at what's driving their excitement to make these sauna cocoons go viral. Of course there's a financial incentive for these influencer types. They're making money promoting the individual sauna pods and saying it's an absolute game changer. In some Instagram posts you'll also see claims about infrared sauna therapy after surgery as part of rehabilitation. But most of the posts making their way around Instagram seem pretty genuine. The posts about infrared sauna after a workout are all over social media, and seem legit. Some athlete influencers even promote indoor cycling inside a large sauna. No comment on that one.

It's well known that if claims of benefits were false the posts would get get stopped in their tracks and wouldn't gain this type of traction, let alone go viral. People tend to have a pretty reliable "BS Meter" online these days.

The hashtag #infraredsauna has been having massive reach lately!


Infrared Sauna on Social Media


Do infrared saunas have any health benefits?

The first infrared sauna health benefit that comes to mind for most people is detoxification. While detox is one known benefits that's just the beginning. Infrared is known to produce a wide range of additional benefits, as we've listed here:

  • Body/skin detoxification
  • Skin condition improvements
  • Maintain a healthy heart
  • Lowered mental and physical stress
  • Support for immune system
  • Weight loss with calorie burning
  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Tightening of cellulite
  • Support of diabetes patients
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Less feeling of fatique
  • Relieved body aches
  • Treatment for arthritis


Many of the infrared sauna social media promoters are happy to dive into the most common questions people are asking. In most cases the influencers are promoting a local establishment providing sauna pods in hopes that their local followers will try the service. This undoubtedly also leads to a lot of online searches "infrared sauna near me" which turns up plenty of results near you. In our case searching infrared saunas near me lands you on Ambiance Day Spa for quick an easy booking.

As we peruse the internet to see what infrared social media comments and questions have turned up during the current popularity we're seeing a handful of common questions. Some of these are also common questions we hear at our Day Spa as well. Let's dive in!


What's the best schedule for infrared sauna.. Daily? Weekly? Monthly? What works best?

A single session will give you a refreshing blast but just like working out you'll see and feel much better results if you develop a routing with regular use. The more you can keep a regular sauna therapy schedule the better your results will be.

Most sauna pod users report the best results with 30 or 40 minutes 3 to 5 sessions per week. Like anything, results will vary from person to person but usually a minimum of 3 times per week is a good starting point.

Do I go into the sauna pod naked?

You can go into a sauna pod completely nude or as close to naked as possible. We want as much infrared light as possible to penetrate your skin as deeply as possible. Some people prefer to war a swim suit or just underwear, while others go in the sauna pods in their birthday suit.

How quick will I start to sweat?

Peoples sweat levels can differ greatly under the same infrared therapy. You actually might not sweat much on your first time in the pod. Sweating tends to increase with multiple sauna sessions. A more hydrated body tends to generate more sweat so as a general rule try to drink a lot of water in preparation of your sauna appointments. If you don't sweat a bunch at first it doesn't mean the process isn't working. You'll definitely be detoxing from your very first sauna experience.


Is it safe to use infrared sauna after botox?

Yes, but not immediately after. For your own safety regarding infrared sauna after botox we recommend we strongly recommend waiting at least 48 hours before your next sauna session.


Do I need a note from my doctor?

Generally there's no need to get a note or clearance from your doctor to do infrared sauna pods. If you have specific concerns you should definitely talk to your doctor before booking sauna therapy. It's considered generally safe for everyone.


Should I shower before or after infrared sauna pod?

It's a good idea to go into the sauna clean but to hold of on a post-sauna shower for at least 30 minutes or even a full hour. You'll be sweating out toxins for a while after your sauna session has ended. It's a good idea to let the process happen before jumping in the shower.


Can I use my phone, tablet and other devices during my sauna session?    

Most Day Spas have some nice relaxing music piped in. If you'd prefer to listed to your own music selection just make sure you bring headphones. As far as other electronic devices most sauna spas would suggest you hold off and do those tasks later. Most places strongly discourage making phone calls during infrared sauna therapy as it is meant to be a quiet, relaxing process.


Roughly how many calories will I burn during each sauna session? 

Infrared Sauna burning calories can vary from person to person depending on a person's metabolism and other factors. Many experts would say a realistic caloric burning number would be between 350 calories up to as many as 650 calories in a 30 to 40 minute infrared sauna session. 


Is the infrared sauna pod clean and sanitary?

We can only speak for our Day Spa on this one and say Yes! We sanitize our sauna pod units after each pod session and we also provide clean towels. We take sanitization seriously and use only no-toxic cleaners and snaitizers. As for other sauna pod providers- we can't say for sure but we hope they're taking measures to keep you safe.