How to prepare for your wedding day with an easy to follow timeline.

The secret to flawless, confident wedding day beauty is preparation and bringing in the right professionals. A bride has a million things on her mind such as the cake, wedding decorations, wedding vows and other details. That’s why she and her bridal party need wellness and beauty professionals to help the bride and the bridal party look and feel stunning. The prep is fun and will make you feel pampered while getting you into the spirit of your upcoming wedding.

The same care can be applied to family or high school reunions and major events though you are likely to start three months out instead of six. If you have a shorter timeline, don’t fret, Ambiance has plenty of targeted treatments to get your skin looking amazing.


6 Months Before the Wedding:

Consult with your makeup artist. Ambiance will work with your schedule to help you customize your look.

Best face forward. See your skincare professional and invest in the recommended skincare regimen.

Schedule monthly facials. It’s important to have a professional exfoliate and prep your skin to help improve imperfections and texture for photos.

Commit to regular massages and up the game on your workouts. Planning weddings is fun but stressful. Massage keeps your head clear and you sore muscles tuned up; especially if you are starting a new workout routine. It’s important to keep yourself limber and stress free.

Get monthly manicures and pedicures. You’ll want to get your hands and feet in beautiful shape.

Don’t skip on monthly waxing. Hair grows in different cycles so you’ll need to start waxing a few months before the big day to insure flawlessly smooth skin.

1 Month Before:

Schedule a trial makeup session. It’s important to work with your makeup artist to coordinate with your dress and the overall look you want.

Drink up! Start hydrating to help your body flush toxins and aid in weight loss.

1 week before:

Smooth and sexy. Get eyebrows, lip, underarms and bikini waxed.

Sunless tanning. Get natural glowing beauty. Opt for a tan that brings out your skin's natural pigment like the sunless tanning at Ambiance.

Hydrate. Drink plenty of water

Rest. Start going to to bed earlier

1-2 days before:

Relax and restore. Get a massage to relax your bridal nerves and a body scrub to exfoliate skin. 

Finishing touches. Go for a French tip mani and pedi or be bold with a splash of color.

Be prepared. Prepare beauty emergency kit. Ambiance offers a few pre-made options to save you time and you can customize the kit with your chosen makeup colors and hair styling products. 

Emergency Beauty Kit:
  • lip gloss
  • cotton balls/swabs
  • makeup remover
  • moisturizer
  • bobby pins
  • hair spray
  • translucent powder
  • brush/comb
  • eye drops
  • nail polish

If you have questions about your beauty and wellness plan you can reach us at (562) 621-1121