1. Not changing their makeup

The makeup colors and brands you’ve been wearing for years probably don’t reflect what’s best for your skin anymore. Keep your cosmetic bag current—replace foundations, powders, and concealers every 6 months to a year, and steer clear of dated makeup styles too.


2. Not getting regular facials and body treatments

Don't solely rely on makeup. Many women fail to make time in their schedule for facials and body treatments. Treat your facials like your dental cleaning. As you age, cell turnover slows so it becomes even more important to get regular deep cleansing and exfoliation. The same is true for the rest of  your skin which is why sugar scrubs and massage are so important to exfoliate dry skin and stimulate skin circulation.

3. Wearing the wrong bra

The right underwear can help lift and slim your body, so re-evaluate your undergarments and invest in some new pieces. Most large department stores and lingerie shops offer free bra-fitting services.

4. Skipping exercise

Don't forgo working out because you have a bad knee or less energy; simply adjust your routine. Exercise will not only increase your energy and help you rebound from injury it improves circulation and flushes toxins to give you glowing skin.