1. You are storing products in the shower. Products need to be kept at a consistent temperature. Showers have high humidity levels and temperatures fluctuate dramatically. Make sure to store products in cabinets away from the steam.

2. You do not follow expiration dates. Unless a product has sunscreen filters or medical ingredients, it is not mandatory to indicate the expiration date on cosmetics packaging. However, it’s still going to expire. Cosmetic products have a short lifecycle. On average a product’s quality lasts one year. Make sure to do some seasonal clean up and trash old products.

3. You don’t get your skincare and makeup regimen updated for the season. Your skin’s needs change as does your skin tone when light levels change. It’s important to work with your skincare professional and get evaluated to update your repertoire each season. 

4. You buy too many products and do not finish them. People keep products for too long mainly because they buy too many different products. Buying trendy new products is not good for your skin or how your products play together. Stick with what your skincare professional recommends for your skin and be true to it so you will see results.

5. You travel with full size products. Traveling does a lot of damage to your beauty products. Exposure to new bacteria, humidity changes and dry air can dramatically shorten the lifecycle of your product. Many products are available in travel size, but you can also purchase empty travel containers to make your own travel size. 

6. You are using your fingers to scoop cream out of the jar. We all know fingers spread germs. Use a plastic spatula or use a clean Q-tip to scoop the cream out. 

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